ALLSAFE Management B.V.

Eric Stubbé

Quote die mij typeert:

“Er is altijd een weg van goed naar beter.”

Ik ben in deze business gestapt, omdat…

…ik dit een mooi concept vindt en omdat het nieuw voor Nederland was.

Ik ben ongelooflijk trots op…

…de positie die wij nu hebben verworven en hoe wij dit product tot in zijn details doorontwikkelen met ons team.

Ik ben ooit eens flink op m’n plaat gegaan toen ik…

…te gemakkelijk was met vertrouwen.

Mijn grootste inspiratie is…

…denken in mogelijkheden en er is altijd een weg van goed naar beter.

Ik onderscheid mezelf door…

…door te gaan waar anderen stoppen en een brede scope van zaken bekijken.

Medewerkers van het bedrijf typeren mij als…

…een inspirerende gedreven ondernemer met oog voor detail.

Je gaat het als beginnende ondernemer absoluut niet redden als…

…je geen doorzettingsvermogen en durf hebt.

Ik wil niet met pensioen gaan voordat…

…ik tussen zes planken lig.

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ALLSAFE Management B.V.

In 1999 Eric F.L. Stubbé (Master in Business Administration Erasmus University Rotterdam) founded ALLSAFE Mini Opslag (Self Storage). He introduced self storage in the Netherlands by opening the first branch of ALLSAFE Mini Opslag in Amsterdam. In the beginning of the nineties Eric Stubbé worked at a department of ABN AMRO Bank NV, which he had started himself. He invested globally in several real estate projects, including self storage. Since he dedicated his time to the self storage market in the Netherlands, ALLSAFE Mini Opslag managed to grow with one or more branches on a yearly basis. In 2016 the eighteenth branch of ALLSAFE Mini Opslag will be opened in Eindhoven . From now on Eric Stubbé aims at opening at least five branches each year. Additionally he explores the opportunities to expand his company in other European countries.
ALLSAFE Management carries the pay of “provides space” and is the owner of ALLSAFE Mini Opslag and Both brands offer solutions to persons / households and businesses who have a lack of space at home or at the office. Self Storage is the way to create more space at home and at the office in an effective, cheap and easy way. Customers can store furniture, stock, unessential office furniture, parts of administration, etc. Elsewhere in the neighborhood at one of the branches of ALLSAFE, in an accessible space (from 1 m2) which can be accessed seven days a week. ALLSAFE Mini Opslag differentiates itself from the competition by the much better service and quality against the best price!
mrBOX is introduced by Eric Stubbé in 2014, it is the first company in the World where customers can store their physical stuff in the Cloud through a special app. With this free app customers can register their stuff so they never have to look again. When customers need more space, the app provides the opportunity to simply order durable boxes that are delivered to the door. By filling the boxes and submitting a picture in the app you simply make a catalogue off the stuff that is stored by mrBOX. Also stuff that does not fit in a box like ski’s or suitcases can be safely stored by mrBOX. At the time that customers need something back mrBOX will deliver it within 1 working day or it can be picked up by yourself.
mrBOX is more, the durable boxes can ideally be used as moving boxes. You can rent the boxes instead of purchasing them. This is cheaper, safer and durable. Does your car drive on summer and winter tires? mrBOX will change your tires at your door at a date and location of your choice. The tires that you don’t use will be safely stored. mrBOX is the innovative and easy way of managing your stuff.

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